unhosted web apps

freedom from web 2.0's monopoly platforms

getting started

There is not one specific implementation of unhosted web apps you can download or sign up for. However, the following path is a good way to get started:

  1. Join the mailing list and follow @unhosted on Twitter.
  2. Get an account at 5apps. It will give you both a remoteStorage account ([email protected]), and a very good platform for deploying the apps you will be developing.
  3. Try out litewrite. Remember, you can "log in" with [email protected].
  4. Try out some other apps.
  5. App developers, check out our tools page, read through the practice section of this website, or get started quickly with the remotestorage.js starter-kit (see screencast below).
  6. Theorists, and server implementers, read the remotestorage spec.
  7. Run your own remoteStorage server
  8. Ask questions and submit issues.
  9. Check out sockethub.
  10. Come to one of our events! :)